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Get to know the learning journey designed to be based on the TFMX Leadership Transformation Framework in 3 phases

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Develop the agency of a lifelong learner premised on mediating changes


We know that change can be painful - that's why we create a FUN and engaging learning environment!


The matrix is the symbol of leadership - for leading self and others.


We believe every learner brings a wealth of experience, so we focus on facilitating relevant knowledge with experiential learning to connect the learning.


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Identity Card

Learners will be provided with the ID card/pass based on their mapped character.
Name, top 2 personality types

Transformers: Name, faction, picture, level tier, in Transformers hierarchy, character traits, favorite phrase
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Gaming Company:

Leadership Transformation Development & Innovation

Client Profile

Founded in Singapore in 2019, the client is a game developer which expanded aggressively to Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan within a short period due to the nature of growth in gaming industry and Singapore Government’s strategic investment into innovation industries.


The CEO is also the owner of several gaming-related companies in both up and downstream verticals. The vision is to develop this group of gaming companies into an ESPN of Asia.


“Good stuff, love it.” 

“Fun workshop! Thanks ;)” 

“Fun way to present” 

“Love the host and team, It did feel a bit rushed from my PoV. Need more time for discussion and feedback of ideas”

“It was fun learning the different perspectives and helping understand the sweet and bitter problems of the team leaders too.”

The Challenge

The Challenge

Due to the company’s rapid business growth over just 18 months, this group of learners are new and inexperienced business managers or leaders, and struggle to work well across their functions. The challenge was to transform the leadership team’s mindsets to create a more integrative, collaborative and positive work culture. The stakeholder also wanted a purposeful team-building platform that allows the leaders to lead innovation initiatives comprising of talents across the company to tackle the fast-changing growth of the digital space.


Due to the success of the first workshop, the CEO was pleased as he observed several of his leaders had significant mindset and behavioral changes within one week of the workshop and committed to the second workshop. The assessment and coaching data from the first workshop also provide insights into the gaps and strengths of his leaders from different surfaces: individual, functional and overall leadership-tier. The insights allowed the CEO to adjust his approach to coaching or managing his managers based on the growth targets. The second workshop gave the leaders a platform to demonstrate their leadership in innovation, as they are tasked to manage innovation discussions and planning with talents from different functions in innovation teams. The workshop enjoyed a rating of 85.2%, with positive comments by the staff on the fun and purposeful learning experience.


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