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Transformation Programmes

We deliver leadership development programs that are focused on building transformative mindsets through our Transformatrix© (TFMX©) methodology, designed to be experiential learning and fun at the same time.
Yes, we use Transformers toys as part of the learning engagement and experience!

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The standard programs are based on transformation challenges shared by our clients and their stakeholders. Through our analysis and research, suitable knowledge and content based on established leadership models, strategies and best practices are identified. The knowledge and content are adapted and contextualized according to leadership trends, geographical and corporate culture, and integrated as part of the program curriculum design.


Different programs use a variety of transformers toys as part of the learning experience.

T.COACH is the base program recommended to deliver with any of the standard programs as the learning objectives of this program can be adapted to support or reinforce other programs; this program can also be delivered independently.

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